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In-Home Dog Training Classes

Our in-home dog training classes are perfect for those with busy, irregular schedules and supports concentrated, one-on-one work to correct specific dog behavior problems.

For some dogs, attempting to learn in an unfamiliar classroom setting can cause uneasiness and anxiety resulting in unfocused behavior, which can lead to poor outcomes for both pet and owner.

Common Goals for In-home Dog Training Include:

  • Setting boundaries
  • Creating structure
  • Improving manners
  • Training new behaviors

Different environments can trigger undesired behaviors so training your dog in his/her natural environment can sometimes yield the best results with the shortest amount of training time.

Vast Improvements in your Dog’s Behavior

For best outcomes, we are always adjusting our curriculum to fit the particular needs of you and your pet.

Typically you will see results after just 2-4 of these individualized training sessions

Cost: $150 per hour

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