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Dog Grooming Services

A full dog grooming includes a bath, nail trim, teeth brushed, ears cleaned, ear hair plucked, tearless shampoo used on the head and face, professional styling, brushing, and a trim to the coat. We offer a full line of special shampoos, for many skin types and coat conditions. Hot oil treatment, flea, and medicated baths are also available. No extra charge. Every dog leaves adorned with bows or a bandana.

Matted dogs may need to be shaved down we will call you once we make that assessment and we won't shave the dog until getting approval from you.

De-shedding your Dog Program

If your dog sheds excessively, this is for you! The program reduces shedding by 60% to 80% and lasts between 1 to 3 months, depending on the dog. We will de-shed your dog allowing more air inside of your dog's coat allowing better insulation and comfort. You will notice less loose hair around your home after a few days. For best results, this program should be performed every 1 to 3 months.

Some pet parents decide instead to have their dogs shaved down. If you decide on this course of action we will explain the pros and cons of this option. Shaving a dog with certain hair types will change the condition of the coat and in some cases, the hair will not grow back in some areas.

Dog with his de-shed hair surrounding him

Puppy's First Grooming

We recommend that puppies come in for their first grooming at 12 weeks of age. This grooming will be a training session along with a grooming. This is to ensure that your dog has a great first experience and will love being groomed. Dog breeds that will require lifelong regular grooming should always get started on a positive dog grooming path very early.

Sometimes we will recommend that the first grooming is just a bath, brush out, and nail trim. This usually takes a shorter time to complete thus allowing your puppy a brief introduction to the grooming process. Keeping your puppy on track with a regular grooming program will keep them healthy and reduce any stressfulness from the grooming process.

Don't Forget...

We may be able to accommodate afternoon and late afternoon appointments.

*Pricing varies according to breed, coat condition, size, and dogs' temperament. Every dog needs to be current with all vaccinations.